• RE: [KXIC] Get error message from KXCI

    Great, thanks Andrea for your support!
    Looking forward to hearing new update version of KXCI
  • RE: [KXIC] Get error message from KXCI

    Hello Andrea,
    Yes, I know that KXCI will save log data into file KXCILogifile.txt but our system only comunicate with Keithley PC through GPIB cable and If read log data and display error message continously to our application, we have to establish new connection like: LAN, Wifi... so It is every un-convinience.
    For your method, interrogating byte status, I added it before but It is only check sucssess or un-success during writing command. So mean that, We don't have any command to extract data display from KXCI, right?
  • [KXIC] Get error message from KXCI

    Hello all
    I using IVI Visa to comunication with Keithley 4200A through KXCI, some time our application send wrong command and KXCI display errors message table as attached file.
    So with external comunication, How can I get this content error message?

  • [Ivi.Visa] Time Out Error when commnunicate with 4200A through GPIB

    Hi everyone,
    I'm using library Ivi.Visa to commnucate with 4200A and below is my script to write and read command:
    but Sometime, There were time out error happend Exception of type 'Ivi.Visa.IOTimeoutException' was thrown. and time out at Read command.
    Sometimes this error occurs and I try to but delay ( sleep) about 10ms but It can't fix. 
    Here is function write and read:

                                string command = string.Format("{0}{1}", cmd, "\0");
                                result = mbSession.RawIO.ReadString(lenString, out _readstatus);
                                MsgKeithely = string.Format("Query command {0} success. ReadStatus {1} >>> Result: {2}", cmd, _readstatus, ReplaceCommonEscapeSequences(result));
                                MainProcess.AddLogMessage(LOG_RUN.OK, MsgKeithely);

    Here is while loop function:

     while (Math.Abs(Environment.TickCount - _timecount) <= _timedelay)
                                    // Time Measurement
                                    TimeSpan ts = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(Environment.TickCount - _timecount);
                                    string result;
                                    // Voltage
                                    cmdsend = "TV1";
                                    result = QueryString(cmdsend);
                                    // Current
                                    cmdsend = "TI1";
                                    result = QueryString(cmdsend);
                                    //Thread.Sleep((int)(_StressConfig._INTERVAL * 1000));

  • RE: [4200A - Ethernet] Can't send SP command

    Hi Andrea,
    Right, I was missed reading for every command sending.
    After input reading code in my app, now It worked well.
    Thanks for your support!
  • RE: [4200A - Ethernet] Can't send SP command

    Update<br> I changed config as below <blockquote> <p>mbSession = (MessageBasedSession)rmSession.Open(_resourcestring[0]);<br> mbSession.TimeoutMilliseconds = 2000;<br> mbSession.TerminationCharacterEnabled = true;<br> mbSession.SendEndEnabled = true; // before false)<br> mbSession.TerminationCharacter = 0x0; // (before 0xA)</p> </blockquote> <p>SP command already quired as normal but data not expectation and other command as well<br> Actually, I check KXCI is display correct data but at my code, It was return ACK<br> see picture as attached file<br> &#160;</p>
  • [4200A - Ethernet] Can't send SP command

    Dear all<br> I'm develop external software to communicate with Keithley 4200A SCS through Ethernet and using <strong>NationalInstruments</strong>.<strong>Visa </strong>library<br> After send command for measurement, I send &quot;SP&quot; command to checking measurement completed or not but error time out as image attached<br> Could you help me check this issue?<br> <br> Below is my config Visa and command sending:<br> <strong>Config Visa</strong> <blockquote> <p>mbSession = (MessageBasedSession)rmSession.Open(_resourcestring[0]);<br> mbSession.TimeoutMilliseconds = 2000;<br> mbSession.TerminationCharacterEnabled = true;<br> mbSession.SendEndEnabled = false;<br> mbSession.TerminationCharacter = 0xA;</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>Command send&#160;</strong></p> <blockquote> <p>BC.<br> DE.<br> CH1,'V1','I1',1,1.<br> CH2,'V2','I2',3,3.<br> SS.<br> VR1,0,5,1,0.1.<br> VR1,0,5,1,0.1.<br> DT 0.<br> HT 0.<br> IT2.<br> RS 5.<br> RS 5.<br> RP PMU1-1,2.<br> RP PMU1-2,2.<br> SM.<br> DM1.<br> XN 'V1',1,-1,1.<br> YA 'I1',1,-10E-12,-10E-3.<br> ME1.<br> SP</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>Command send and read</strong></p> <blockquote> <p>string command = string.Format(&quot;{0}{1}&quot;, cmd, &quot;\0&quot;);<br> mbSession.FormattedIO.WriteLine(command);<br> result = mbSession.FormattedIO.ReadLine();</p> </blockquote> <p></p>
  • KXCI was hang during send command from application

    Hi all<br> I'm comunication with Keithley 4200A-SCS through KXCI. <p>During send command to KXCI for testing, The Operate signal is always blue as pictuter below and at that time, KXCI can't recieve any command from my application. I try and close KXCI and open Clarius software but the problem can't solve. I restart Keithley PC --&gt; Operate signal was disapperance and KXCI can communicate as normal.&#160;</p> <p>Could you help me explain what is problem?</p> <p></p>
  • RE: [4200A-SCS] Obtain data after measurement complete

    Hello<br> Thanks for you reply.<br> Now I can acquire Voltage, Current data after measurement complete through command DO. But I have problem as below:<br> 1. I config setting test with Diode at Clarius as attached picture name &quot;Clarius_Setting&quot;. SMU1 connected to Anode and Cathod connect to GND. After test complete, the data show as attached picture &quot;Clarius_Data&quot;.<br> 2. I keep same hardware config and using KXCI with Ethernet communication to send command setting prameter as config #1 and data as attached picture name &quot;KXCI&quot;. After checking, I saw that data of 1 and 2 are different.<br> So Could you help me check my command? May I wrong?<br> <br> Appricate your help!
  • [4200A-SCS] Obtain data after measurement complete

    <p>Hi all</p> <p>I'm new beginner with model 4200A-SCS. Currently, I'm developing winform application using TekVISANet.dll to communicate with SMU through Ethernet</p> <p>Below is my code config and measurement MOSFET I-V data as picture attached file. How can I query data from buffer like .xls file?</p> <p>Thanks for your support!</p>