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    <p>Cables are ~ 1m. I can't use 2W as it opens switch 215 leaving the backplane in 10x2 mode rather than 5x4 which would cause issues elsewhere.</p> <p>After further investigation the parts I am measuring are 5M to 100M with a fixed parallel capacitance of 24nF, which gives a significant settling time of ~ 1sec. Nothing I have found to try within the IVI-COM driver seems to better the &quot;measure wait 1 sec and measure again&quot; method I mentioned in my OP, although this doesn't quite give the value seen with the meter running in continuous mode.</p> <p>I have tried increasing various delay functions (NPLC = 12 max, Aperture = 0.24s max, fixed range(100M) delays = 275ms max) but none are long enough to allow the reading to reach the value that it achieves when the meter is running in continuous mode. Other delay functions just seem to delay the actual taking of the measurement without the part actually being connected to the meter for the entirity of the period.</p> <p>Can you point me to an IVI-COM driver command that can allow the shunt capacitance to charge from the meter to its final value before takng&#160;the resistance measurement?</p> <p></p> <p>Thanks</p>
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    It is a 7707 card, in slot 2<br> <br> Cheers.
  • Switching between Resistance Reading Channels on DAQ6510

    Hi&#160; - I have two 4W resistance channels set up, channels 201 &amp; 202. Channel 201 will be measuring high values - from 10M to Open Circuit while Channel 202 will be measuring low values - less than 2R.<br> <br> When switching from Ch 202 to CH201 the next reading of Ch201 (very occasionally two readings) will either display a -ve value of else be an incorrect value. If I repeat the measurement it will settle down to a final value. I've tried experimenting with time delay before taking the Ch201 reading but it definitely seems to require the second read rather than just time to settle. The DMM is set to Autorange.<br> <br> Have you any thoughts as to what can be going on?
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    Code is now correctly displaying the values on the front panel display - Thankyou!&#160;<br> <br> Elsewhere in the program I was adjusting the 7707 backplane switches independently (216 &amp; 217) which mean that the readings in the buffer were tagged with &quot;Rear&quot; rather than the channel number. Tidying up the other code to leave channels 201 &amp; 202 as 4W channels sorted it out - the buffer now show 201 &amp; 202 tags as expected and the values are display full size on the front panel.<br> <br> Thanks again.
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    Sorry for the delay, I've been out of office.

    For reasons too long to go into here, it is operated remotely via PC running a VB6 application (I know, I know)!

    Set up is -
                Set DAQ6510 = New KeithleyDMM6500            
                DAQ6510.Initialize "GPIB0::" & CStr(18) & "::INSTR", True, True, ""
                DAQ6510.Function = KeithleyDMM6500Function4WireResistance

    Read command is -

                ResistanceMeasurement1 = DAQ6510.Measurement.Measure(KeithleyDMM6500Function4WireResistance, String1, String2)

    As I said, the reading is taken as expected but the Meter display does not show the measured value, which I had expected.

    Is there a setting change or a command change I need to make to make this happen?

  • DAQ6510 Display when using rear terminals under GPIB control

    I am using a DAQ6510 stuffed with 7701 + 7707 boards in an ATE application. Everything works as expected but I cannot find how to have the meter display show the resistance values measured via the 7707 board. Please note that the measurements happen as and when expected and are the correct values returned to my control code - my only issue is that they are not display on the DAQ6510 screen at the point they are taken.

    How do I display these readings?