• picoammeter 6485 firmware update problem

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to update the firmware on my Keithley 6485 Picoammeter. My picoammeter has firmware B01, and I want to upgrade it to B04 (for labview). I'm using a GPIB cable (per the instructions) and the "KI 6485 B04 Upgrade" app. I changed the COM settings on the picoammeter to GPIB, and the KI upgrade app detects the picoammeter (even the correct node address). However once the KI app starts upgrading the firmware, it crashes about 5 seconds later. An "unknown error B" message pops up, and then the picoammeter says "Bad Flash" on its front display.
    Thankfully this doesn't damage the device (it still works when I restart it).

    Another weird thing. When I first boot up the picoammeter the front display says "6485 C01" (the manual says C01 would indicate my firmware version), but when I send the command "*IDN?" via the keithley communicator, it says my firmware is B01. So I'm confused, is my firmware C01 or B01?

    I'm using a NI GPIB-to-USB cable, and windows 10 if that makes any difference. I also attached a few pictures.

    Any help would be appreciated,