• AWG70001B .wfmx File Upload Using QCoDeS Library

    I've been having some trouble with automating the waveform upload process from my Windows 11 desktop to the Tektronix AWG70001B arbitrary waveform generator. I'm currently using QCoDeS python library to control the AWG over USB connection. I am able to create the waveform, convert to .wmfx in bytes data type, and upload the file to any directory I want on the AWG including the C: drive and USB thumbdrives. Once uploaded, I can open the file explorer and see the .wmfx file in the correct directory, and manually load it into the waveform list on the AWG function page. I can even use my code to control output on/of as well as run/stop. The problem is that I cannot automate the process of loading the .wmfx file into the waveforms list. For some reason the AWG will pop up an error window saying that it cannot find the file and cannot open it. I have confirmed that I am fulfilling all argument requirements in the QCoDeS function and even went through the source code to verify the PYVISA commands behind the library. No luck. Has anybody experienced this problem and have any suggestions or fixes to this problem? I'm assuming it could also be an issue with the QCoDeS library as well, but the code does not return any errors, only the pop-up window on the AWG. I'm hoping there is a simple permissions setting I need to tweak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    QCoDeS Library Page: Link