• TDS5054B Restore Software - Intel 845

    I have a nice TDS5054B that I'm trying to preserve the hard drive on before it fails.

    I'm having a heck of a time cloning it to a smaller CF card (I finally got it to clone and boot using Macrium Reflect, but am having odd issues with the cloned drive such as the scope not powering off when you shutdown windows - I just get a blinking cursor, but it works other than that)  If I put the original drive back in it goes back to shutting down correctly so I know it's not an issue with the hardware.

    Due to the issues I'm having with cloning, I just want to try a fresh restore from the restore media to the new drive.

    It has the 845 chipset and the serial number is in the 10k range so it should be p/n 063-3693-00.  I can't find it for sale on ebay or anywhere else.  I saw a member on the old forum mention they have the images but it looks like there's no way to PM them on there anymore.