• RE: Software CD-ROM for 2401

    Tek no longer provides CD-ROMs with our products. You can find all relevant downloads here:
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  • Software CD-ROM for 2401

    Hi, we purchased a Keithley 2401 not long ago, and there should be a CD-ROMs for software download coming with the package. We did not get that CD-ROMs, so we are hoping that we can get that resent to us or if there is any online links for us to download them. Thank you. 
  • RE: Advanced Mode Troubleshooting on AFG31051

    You will need to purchase the SEQ license, which enables the Sequence, Triggered, and Gated modes in Advanced Mode. The license name for the AFG31051 is AUP-AFG3SEQ-1.
  • Advanced Mode Troubleshooting on AFG31051

    When we are trying to utilize the advanced mode, the device doesn't enable us to define more than one waveform (only index 1 looks active) and we can't manipulate the settings defined for that single channel, like 'repeat', 'wait event', etc. Additionally, we can't change the 'run mode' as well. Only the 'continuous' option can be selected. The device doesn't enable us to select 'sequence', triggered' or 'gated' options. Can you help?