• Fastest way to get N fresh samples from 2182A Nanovoltmeter?

    I'm trying to get 10 to 20 fresh samples from the Nanovoltmeter into a custom GUI using serial communication.

    Serial communication requests (:sense:data:fresh?) using the pyserial library take an average 0.080 ± 0.057 s to return, and as much as 0.285 s.
    • Question 1: Is there anything I can do on the Nanovoltmeter side to improve the time it takes to get a value back, or am I limited by serial communication?
    • Question 2: Is it possible to get N samples, sampled as fast as possible, in one serial request?
    Here are my initial settings, which I use in the initialization of every python object of my nanovoltmeter class:

    :init:cont off;:abor
    :sens:func 'volt:dc'
    :sens:chan 1
    :sens:volt:chan1:rang:auto on
    :sens:volt:chan2:rang:auto on
    :syst:azer on
    :syst:lsyn off
    :outp off
    :sens:volt:chan1:dfil:stat on
    :sens:volt:chan2:dfil:stat on
    ​​​​​​​:sens:volt:chan1:lpas:stat off
    ​​​​​​​:sens:volt:chan2:lpas:stat off
    :sens:volt:nplc 1
    :disp:enab on
    :form:elem read
    :trig:del 0
    :trig:sour imm
    :trig:coun inf

    Many thanks!