• RE: Sending an External Trigger with Keithley 2401 using LabVIEW

    I'm commenting just in hopes that someone can take a look at this. 
  • Sending an External Trigger with Keithley 2401 using LabVIEW

    Hi, the purpose of my program is pulse an LED on and off and acquire the radiant energy while the LED is ON. I am using a Keithley 2401 source meter and Ocean Insight Flame S. In the example program attached, the Keithley is running on a 2 second period. The ON time of the LED is set by the "sample count", meaning that the LED is provided 0.1 Amps until 3 measurements (or samples) are taken of the voltage and current (this normally takes about 0.08 s/reading). The LED is then turned off until the 2 seconds period is over. This is 1 pulse. The example program has 3 pulses (i.e., Pulse Number). My delay is set to 0 seconds (so the Keithley measures the datapoints as fast as possible after the output is turned on).

    The Keithley can trigger another instrument to take a measurement only while it is measuring through the trigger link. I want the trigger link to send a trigger output signal after delay ends and after the measurement ends. This is attempted in the Configure Trigger Link.vi . My trigger out channel is set to 2. My spectrometer is set to synchronous mode which means that it should start data acquisition when it receives the first trigger and then stop when it receives the second trigger. Right now, it's doing nothing. Is there something wrong with my code?