• RE: Problem Using DMM6500 with 2000-Scan Card

    Okay, Thanks, I'll test right away when I'm back in the office
  • Problem Using DMM6500 with 2000-Scan Card

    Hi,I have a DMM6500 and a 2000 scan card. I would like to perform a 2-wire measurement on channels 1 and 2.
    The Scan Card is also recognized and displayed correctly on the multimeter and it can also be measured. If I now want to address the ScanCard  via:
    driver.ChannelFunction(ChannelList:="1:4") = MeasureFunction(ComboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString())
    i receive:
    :ex. Message = "KeithleyDMM6500: Instrument model does not support this feature: put_ChannelFunction."

    I use the vb.net example MeasureMultipleVBnet as a basis. I currently found no way to address the individual channels here. Are there any examples here?