• RE: AD floor of FCA3120 option C ?

    I looked through all the pages and I did not find an allan deviation curve of 10-20GHz signal vs itself (which is the noise floor of the instrument). Maybe I just missed it. Can you point me at the specific page of the datasheet which speaks about the x-band noise floor, please?
  • AD floor of FCA3120 option C ?

    I plan to use FCA3120 counter to measure ~10GHz signal against a very good external reference (AD@1s ~10^-13)  What is the instrument measurement floor with an external reference? An AD chart from 1ms to 100ks would be ideal to see.  I found the instrument's datasheet shows a stability chart with various quartz oscillators (page 7) but I do not think this is the floor limit.  Thank you.  Anatoliy.