Posted Tue, 07 Mar 2023 16:57:08 GMT by Habersat, Daniel

We have the components for a high-voltage curve tracer - 2657A 3kV SMU, 2651 high power SMU, the 8010 fixture, a 2657A-PM-200 protection module, and a 2601B SMU (the 40V model).
  1. You may have already realized the first question I'm about to ask. Our low-voltage SMU is the 40V version, whereas the terminals on back of the 8010 dictate a 210V-capable SMU. I was looking at the documentation for 2657A-PM-200 and it also specifically proscribes use of the 2601s. So, is there anything we can do to remedy this situation? Is the 2601 really going to have problems if there is a fault which engages the protection circuitry and it experiences (presumably) around 200V potential? Is the only solution such that we need to use a SMU with higher voltage rating? (I'm sure you'd rather we stick with Keithley SMUs, but presumably ANY 200V-rated SMU should work here.)
  2. Also, I am looking at the 2657A-PM-200 as we are trying to setup a probe station for high-voltage testing. What are the best practices for connecting the outputs of the protection module and those of the 2657A to a DUT using probes? The 2657A HI and LO outputs seem like they would work with kelvin HV triax probe holders (two cables, one for each side). But the 2657A-PM-200 has that combined LO sense/force output, along with the Kelvin HI channel. Can a third kelvin HV triax probe holder be used to carry the HI side of the low-voltage SMU (for example, as MOSFET gate control), and then what do we do with the LO side of the SMU?

Posted Wed, 08 Mar 2023 16:04:00 GMT by C, Andrea
Hi Daniel,

Interesting combination of products you have.  Too bad the gate SMU is 2601B and not 2611B.
I'm conferring with factory about the 40V models and if the ~200V OVP is sufficient.

For the handling of the LO and Sense LO from the 2657A and the 2601B, we do have a "ground unit" accessory item:  2657A-LIM-3.
A single triax cable from the SLO/LO connector on each SMU is brought to the LIM-3.
The LIM-3 then provides output connectors for the combined LO and separately for the combined SLO.
the LIM-3 also provides interlock hub.

Info on the 2657A-LIM-3

Let me come back to you concerning the 40V model.

Do you have any of the 2600-TRIAX accessory items to convert the 8-pin Phoenix connector to three triax for the gate SMU?
Posted Wed, 08 Mar 2023 16:23:07 GMT by Habersat, Daniel
Thank you, Andrea! The 2657A-LIM-3 is exactly what I was thinking of. We have a 2600-TRIAX on the back of our 2601B, but I'm sure we will need a few more HV triax cables.

Appreciate you checking on the 2601B OVP limits. Given that the 2601(A) is specifically called out in documentation to not be used, I'm a bit pessimistic. But once that word gets back I can work on getting a quote for the parts that we identify as still needing.

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