Posted Wed, 15 Nov 2023 07:53:55 GMT by Lechner, Simon

I have a DMM7510 connected via Ethernet and controlling it over the webinterface.
All works fine and I can send and receive commands as well.

However, when I set averaging (filter) as shown in the manual (DMM7510 7½ Digit Multimeter Application Manual, page 2-5), I don't receive anything when using the ":READ?" command.
The readout on device itself still works.

What could be the issue here?
Posted Sun, 19 Nov 2023 15:17:06 GMT by C, Andrea
I ported the commands into a small Python program and timed how long the 100 point repeating average at 10 NPLC requires to return the one value.  Using 60Hz power, it is requiring about 53 seconds.

Even the small Python sample needs the VISA timeout set to long duration to account for the 53 seconds to respond.

The web interface for Send Commands is evidently not waiting long enough for the response to the :READ?
You could try sending command to read the defbuffer1 contents after you know the reading is available if important to read it in the web interface.
Command:  :TRAC:DATA? 1, 1, "defbuffer1", READ


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