Posted Wed, 08 Nov 2023 16:56:36 GMT by Cook, Matthew
I am trying to find the best of way triggering 3 nanovoltmeters (2182A) to store data in their buffers simultaneously (smallest amount of delay between triggers). Is there a way to use a trigger link for more than 2 instruments? Ideally one voltmeter would send the trigger and the other two would receive it. I also noticed that there is a trigger device Model 2361 but it doesn't seem to exist on the tek website.
Posted Thu, 09 Nov 2023 11:27:37 GMT by C, Andrea
The model 2361 trigger controller has been obsolete for long time already.

On the trigger link connector on 2182A, it has only trigger in and trigger out lines.

Assuming the three meters are on GPIB bus, try to set up for BUS triggering instead of External, and then issue the GET (group execute trigger) from the GPIB card.

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