Posted Wed, 22 Feb 2023 10:05:18 GMT by CHUKKA, CHANDU
S - Parameter files of Differential ended (.s6p) and Single ended (.s3p) for Trimode probe P7513A & Probe tip P75LRST are needed for creating filter files in SDLA application. Please provide.
Posted Thu, 23 Feb 2023 22:52:44 GMT by Teles, Afonso

S parameter files are only provided for the performance solder tips, not for the long reach type.
Posted Fri, 24 Feb 2023 06:52:59 GMT by CHUKKA, CHANDU

* P75LRST probe tip is High performance solder tip with long reach type.

* From above statement, I understand that you will provide S - parameter files only for performance solder tip, If it was with long reach type you will not share those files (or) there will be no S - parameter files for long reach type. Please confirm.

* If S - parameter files are having for the P75LRST, can you please help me how to get those S- parameter files.

*If S - parameter files are not having for the P75LRST, can you please suggest an alternative probe tip which having same parameters and also consisting with S - parameter files.

*Sharing an example probe tip image
Posted Sat, 25 Feb 2023 00:32:47 GMT by Teles, Afonso

I apologize but my initial comment was incorrect, we do provide S parameter files for several P7500 probe tips besides the performance solder tips.
These should be available in SDLA by clicking "De-embed", select "High Z" probe type, select the "Probe" block, click the drop down menu and select your probe model and then you can select the appropriate file according to your probe configuration and tip.

As I said, SDLA should include those files, if it does not, then please email me at and I will get you the files you need.

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