Posted Sun, 21 May 2023 18:50:06 GMT by Lacy, Clark
<span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="line-height:107%;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">I'm reviewing the specifications for the TDP1500 to ensure it will work for my application.<br> <br> On the website and datasheet the probes have a listed dynamic range of&#160;±850 mV (1x) or ±8.5 V (10x). however they also have a listed Common Mode input Range of only&#160;±7 V (for both 1x and 10X). So i don't understand how you could have a full&#160;±8.5 V (10x) without exceeding the Common mode input range.<br> <br> Additional, when I dig deeper into the manual&#160;it is listing the dynamic range is as only 8.5 Vpk-pk. So which limit do I believe? Please help!!!</span></span></span><br> <span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="line-height:107%;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">---------------------</span></span></span><br> <span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="line-height:107%;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">Also as a side question, does the scope or probe give any indication if you are operating outside of the rated capacity? Specify with regards to the common mode voltage? Also online the operating range is listed as ±25 V (DC + pk AC). However from this figure it looks like it is only operating from ±7V, and simply won’t be damaged up to ±25 V. I’m I wrong on this?</span></span></span><br> <br> <br> &#160;
Posted Mon, 22 May 2023 16:35:12 GMT by Teles, Afonso
Hi Clark,<br> <br> Let's say you have two ground referenced signals, one that goes all the way up to +4.25 V and another to -4.25 V and we're measuring between the two.<br> This result in 8.5 V differential voltage, while staying below the 7 V common voltage limit.<br> <br> The dynamic range of 8.5 Vpk-pk is just restating the differential dynamic range of +- 8.5 V.<br> <br> The scope should give a warning if you exceed the differential dynamic range, but I don't believe the same is true for common mode voltage.<br> <br> +-25 V is the maximum non-destruct common-mode voltage, below that it shouldn't be damaged but also might not operate properly.<br> <br> For specifications I would suggest going to the specifications and performance verification manual instead of the user manual: <a href=""></a>
Posted Thu, 26 Oct 2023 07:53:30 GMT by Perez, John Philip
Are the TDP1500 / TDP1000 differential probes, Active probes? or Passive Probes?
If Passive, can you offer us Active Probes from TEK's lineup for us to choos.
Thank you :) 
Posted Fri, 27 Oct 2023 22:29:24 GMT by Teles, Afonso
Hi John,

The TDPs are active differential probes, the TAPs are our active single-ended probes, here's their product page:

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