Posted Tue, 11 Apr 2023 18:03:28 GMT by W, Michael
Hello!<br> <br> I'm currently using a MSO72304DX oscilloscope with four P7516 probes plugged into the analog inputs with a P6717A plugged into the logic channels and hope to use all of this within the DDR Analysis software. When I have the P7516 probes and the P6717A probes hooked up to my Nexus Technology interposer (XH-Series), something will cause my DDR4 to fail memory training, but if I remove the P6717A probes from my UUT, I'm able to get the DDR4 to pass memory training. I'm assuming the 1meter length of the P6717A is the issue, but I was curious how anyone else was able to get around this issue. I've tried this combination on custom UUTs and CRB/Dev setups we are sent by larger manufacturers with similar results (memory training will fail when P6717As are utilized).<br> <br> Has anyone else been able to get around this issue? I was told by a Tektronix Sales Rep and this was also confirmed by a Tektronix Field Engineer that using the digital logic bus is the best way for read/write burst detection.<br> <br> Thank you!
Posted Thu, 11 May 2023 19:15:02 GMT by W, Michael
Does anyone at Tek have anything I could try?

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