Posted Thu, 06 Oct 2022 04:58:01 GMT by Obermire, Suzanne
I want to use the TIVPWS500X probe and need a grabber with that. I think it isa  200 mil separation square pin.  I believe the wide square pin to banana lead p/n is 020-3189-xx.  Can you share what the full part number is, and if this is the correct grabber for this probe/application?
Posted Thu, 06 Oct 2022 04:58:48 GMT by Obermire, Suzanne
020318900 is the current part number for the kit with the Wide Square Pin to Banana Jack adapter with Alligator Clamps and Support Brace. This matches the  0.200" spacing on the TIVPWS500X so it sounds like what you are looking for.

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