Posted Thu, 07 Dec 2023 00:58:44 GMT by WAN, Elliotte
Recently, there are several new SMUs arrived in my Lab, including 2450, 2461 and 2601B. We have ordered Kickstart IV for these SMUs, however, Kickstart 2.11 is only for WINDOWS 10.

We are trying to integrate these new SMUs into 4200 system using UTM. 

Is there any available UTM modules for these SMUs?
Posted Wed, 13 Dec 2023 13:47:13 GMT by C, Andrea
Let’s summarize:  you have two older 4200-SCS/F running either WinXP or Win7.
The 4200 have some SMU and you use KITE software.

You now have some 2450, 2461 and 2601B and looking for software to operate them.
Is allocating a Win10 or newer computer not an option?
If yes, you could use ACS-Basic or KickStart.

But if constrained to using the 4200 as the computer for the new SMUs, you need to use WinXP vintage tools.

Does older 4200 have the Microsoft compiler installed and is KULT functional?
Perhaps walk through the KULT tutorial in the manual to verify it is functional.

If functional, it has GPIB read and write and you could connect to external SMUs.
Existing sample libraries on the 4200 for LCR meter would be an example of GPIB to external instrument.
(newer 4200A supports usb, lan and gpib to external instruments)

With KULT you can interact with internal 4200 related SMUs and external SMUs over GPIB.
Just depends on the use case you are trying to support.
Posted Thu, 14 Dec 2023 01:14:24 GMT by WAN, Elliotte
Thank you for your replay.

Currently, Windows 7 (32bit) is the operation system of our 4200. And the Visual Studio 2015 has been installed on this system. KULT works fine, the C-code can be complied in KULT, and the existing lib (KITE 9.1 SP7) can be built without any error.

We can use the existing sample libraries 4284 to control Agilent LCR.

We are trying to figure out is there any available C-code for 4200 to control the external 2450. 

Posted Sun, 17 Dec 2023 14:16:35 GMT by C, Andrea
For others who might follow along:
2450 has USB, LAN and GPIB for remote command control.
Newer 4200A-SCS have VISA library available from KULT, so could use any of those command interfaces if we code at VISA  API.  Newer 4200A also have the GPIB interface API.

Older 4200-SCS do not have the VISA library.  They have GPIB API for external instruments accessible from KULT and UTMs.

This sample code is written using GPIB API to do a voltage sweep on a model 2450 from a UTM in KITE or Clarius.
The 2450 requires the TSP command set and connected on GPIB to the 4200x.

In the attached files:
the *.c file is contain in a zip so that this forum tool permits it.
The PDF has instructions for installing it.
Posted Sun, 17 Dec 2023 14:40:59 GMT by WAN, Elliotte
Thank you!

That's great! 

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