Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2023 02:44:16 GMT by Guan, Liao
We purchased ACS program for ultra fast NBTI including AC NBTI, SILC TDDB / AC TDDB, and High Voltage HCI without overshoot issue.
Currently, however, tektronix china engineers are said to be able to use RTM in ACS only if there is only 2600 series.

1) Can't we use ACS RTM on the 4200?
2) Does RTM only contain NBTI/SILC TDDB evaluation items? Or can tektronix provide the above evaluation program even if it's not RTM?
Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:11:37 GMT by C, Andrea
ACS inston a 4200A-SCS that contains 4225-PMU with 4225-RPM will have access to the NBTI library/Project.

The optional WLR library of ACS is targeted for the 2600A or 2600B SourceMeter products.

For HCI and TDDB using 4200 SMU, did you explore the Stress/Measure Cycling of the Clarius software?
Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2023 23:19:38 GMT by Guan, Liao
Thanks, Andrea,

We already have HCI and TDDB test program using Clarius. But we also want to use ACS to test them as vendor told us ACS is more powerful functional and we want to do more standard test just as the RTM system. As well, we also want to use ACS to solve the overshooting issue.
Posted Tue, 21 Nov 2023 06:00:12 GMT by Guan, Liao
Btw, as we already have the NBTI library/Project, do we have similar project for the HCI and TDDB?  From vendor i can get HCI/TDDB projects for 2600s, could we convert them into 4200s?

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