Posted Sun, 18 Feb 2024 10:23:22 GMT by Chaima, Chabbat

Hello everyone,

I am currently programming my scope using MATLAB software. I am aiming to implement the Average mode to perform averaging on my input signal, utilizing 16 waveforms (equivalent to 16 acquisitions = 16 triggering), and store the resulting waveform in the memory. I intend to interrupt this process with a holdoff of 100 ms and then repeat it. This entire process should be repeated 500 times.

Despite my attempts to program this using Fast Frame, I encountered issues. Below is a snippet of my source code. If anyone can assist me in identifying and resolving the error, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help

% __________________ Fast Frame  ______________________________
fwrite(instrument,'ACQuire:MODe AVErage');
fprintf(instrument,'ACQuire:NUMAVg 16') ; 
fprintf(instrument,'HORIZONTAL:FASTFRAME:STATE 1');
fprintf(instrument,'HORizontal:FASTframe:COUNt 500);
fprintf(instrument,'HORizontal:FASTframe:SEQuence FIRst'); 
fprintf(instrument,'HORizontal:FASTframe:SUMFrame NONe'); 
% ____________________________ Trigger A ____________________________
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:MODe NORMal');
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:EDGE:SOUrce CH1');
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:EDGE:SLOpe: RISe');  
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:LEVel:CH1 20e-3'); 
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:HOLDoff:BY TIMe');
fprintf(instrument,'TRIGger:A:HOLDoff:TIMe 100e-3');
Posted Thu, 22 Feb 2024 23:06:42 GMT by Teles, Afonso
Hi Chabbat,

What issues did you encounter?

Have you tried querying *ESR? after every write to make sure your commands are accepted by the scope?

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