Posted Wed, 08 Nov 2023 14:17:05 GMT by Tournier, Constant
Good morning,

I am currently working with the 3706A-S multiplexer.
I'm trying to control blackplane relays.
I keep getting error 1114.
So I tried to configure a measurement function (unsuccessful)
I see in the documentation that there is no DMM for model 3706A-S.
So I would like to know if I misunderstood or if I really don't have a way to control the relay backplanes with the 3706A-S model.

Thanks in advance
Posted Thu, 09 Nov 2023 11:06:20 GMT by C, Andrea
Is this front panel manual operation or sending commands?

Manual operation would need you to define a channel pattern that includes the backplane relay and the channel relay.  Then open or close the pattern.

If sending commands, the channel.close() and open will accept the relay number of your backplane relay as part of the channel list.

In the wiring to the 37xx card, take note of the +ILK and -ILK pins (on each bank if using MUX card).  Those need shorted to permit backplane relay closure.

When the 3706A model has the internal DMM, the backplanes are typically managed for you.  For example a channel configured for 4-wire ohms vs VDC measure function will close all necessary relays when dmm.close() on that configured channel.

If you have 3706A-S, then it is just a switch controller.
Posted Mon, 13 Nov 2023 08:19:29 GMT by Tournier, Constant
I tried with the commands first. I associate a backplane relay with a channel then I close the channel but I end up with error 1114. The same with the front panel.

How should I short-circuit the +ILK and -ILK pins (via command or via control panel)?
Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2023 13:01:46 GMT by C, Andrea
The +ILK is shorted to -ILK with a physical wire.
If using one of our 37xx-ST screw terminal accessories, we make this connection for you.
But if custom wiring to the DBxx mass termination connectors, keep in mind you need to either wire them to a interlock switch or jumper them if you want to close backplane relays on the 37xx card.

For just closing channels, either send a list of channels to be closed, or create a pattern and close/open by pattern name.
-- some TSP commands for channel closure







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