• RE: Connecting Force Low to ground on rear terminal

    Thank you Andrea for your response. You are correct I am using two 2450 SourceMeters. I've submitted a request for a quote. 

    Is the shorting lug the typical method for such a scenario? I'm surprised that more folks don't need a common low between multiple SMUs. 
  • Connecting Force Low to ground on rear terminal

    I'm using two SMUs on a 4-terminal DUT.  I'd like to have the two SMUs, which are both sourcing voltage and measuring current, to have their Force Lows be earth ground. When I connect a lug cable to the chassis in the back, I see that I'm connecting earth ground to the shield of the force low terminal, but not the pin/inner conductor of the force low terminal. 

    My goal is to have those force low inner conductors both sinking into ground. How do I go about that?

    Thank you.