• RE: Keithley DAQ6510 - problems with USB connection

    Thank you for the answer. 
    After downloading and installing the drivers I found at
    and telling manually Windows to look for the drivers in the Program Files folder, it installed successfully the device. 
  • Keithley DAQ6510 - problems with USB connection

    I have a new Keithley DQ6510 that I would like to connect to my PC (Windows 11) with the USB interface.

    I installed the Keithley I/O Layer program (version C10).

    As you can see from the image attached, I see the device in the Windows Device Manager in the folder Other devices, rather than the expected Universal serial bus controllers.

    I tried to communicate with the DAQ6510 with the Keithley Communicator and with the Keithley Configuration Panel, but I cannot find the USB instrument.

    The PC I have been working on had already installed LabVIEW 2020 and LabVIEW 2023. I cannot see the device also in NI MAX.
    Any ideas on how to solve the issue? A fresh install of LabVIEW and Keithley I/O Layer?