• RE: Cannot select the SMU, could this be a hardware issue?


    Due to the complexity of issues related to our PCT and similar systems, I would recommend generating a support case with our Applications Engineers.
    However, I have found that you already have a case open with our support team. One of our engineers should be in contact soon to assist with your request.
  • RE: Problem reading voltages in a DC sweep setup with DC current source 6221 and nanovoltmeter 2182

    Here is some additional information related to your request:

    There’s 2 levels of communication here. Unlike with TSP link or TSP net where we can directly reference the nodes in the system and the lead node handles divvying out the responses, we have to explicitly tell the 6221 to communicate back and forth with the 2182A before communicating with the PC.

    The SYST:COMM:SER:SEND sends a command to the 2182A. If that command is a query like TRAC:DATA? The 2182A places the requested information into the output buffer of the 2182A. The 6221 still has to read that information with the SYST:COMM:SER:ENT? Command which grabs the info from the 2182A output buffer and puts it in the 6221 output buffer so that it can be read to the PC. The SYST:COMM:SER:SEND command itself is not a query, nothing is put in the output buffer of the 6221, so when you try to read in python, there’s no response to read from the 6221 and an error is produced.

    The code should do the following:

    Write(SYST:COMM:SER:SEND “TRAC:DATA?”) – tell the 6221 to tell the 2182A to put the data in its output buffer

    Query(SYST:COMM:SER:ENT?) – tell the 6221 to check for output from the 2182A and put the response in the 6221 output buffer where we can read it.

  • RE: Problem reading voltages in a DC sweep setup with DC current source 6221 and nanovoltmeter 2182


    This sounds very much like the Delta Mode operations available to the 6221/2182A.
    This mode creates a system of instruments with TLink and RS-232 between the instruments and sets the 6221 as the 'master' node.
    All control operations and data will be handled on this unit, while the 2182A would only be used as a 'software' controlled voltmeter.
    Typically, this removes any ability to communicate directly with the 2182A and all data would appear from the 6221 through that link.
    I am not sure what additional handshaking occurs through the delta mode backend code to allow for this, unfortunately.
    I have shared this post within our development group and hope others will comment with information that may be helpful to you.
  • RE: DMM7510 ignores external trigger event


    Due to the complexity of this request, please submit a support case and one of our engineers will be able to address your question more thoroughly.

    Thank you
  • RE: Substitute DMM2000 by DMM6500 in an existing system


    If your commands/code for the Model 2000 is performing as you require, you can also use the Model 2000 Emulation command set (Menu > System Settings > Command Set) to allow the DMM6500 to act as a drop-in replacement until you develop new code designed for the DMM6500.

    However, if you would like to optimize commands for the DMM6500, it seems that you should only need to add an NPLC designation to make a significant impact on the speed of your measurements.
    There are several settings that we typically recommend reviewing/modifying to optimize speed vs accuracy (filter, manual range, etc), but NPLC tends to be the largest contributor.
    You can find more about this SCPI command on page 12-99 of the Reference Manual:
    If you are looking to initiate your measurements (number defined the the SENSE:COUNT command) and then report the latest, you can use the :MEAS? command.
    If you only want to take a single initiated measurement and report that latest reading, you can use the :READ? command.
    If you want to take multiple readings and report them all, you can use :INIT then :TRACE:DATA? commands.
    Please review these commands and required arguments for each in the manual linked above.
    Since you are using a filter, there will be some delay time to collect all of the averaged readings and calculate the appropriate reporting value.
    These filters can dramatically impact speed and total measurement time.
    Overall, total test time and reading speed will depend on several factors and filters can contribute to this depending on their configuration.
  • RE: Error -1074000000 occurred at Keithley 2600 Series.lvlib:Error Query.vi


    After reviewing the block diagram, it isn't clear to me what is failing.
    However, since the driver is developed and supported by National Instruments, you would need to contact them to resolve any issues with the Initialize block itself.
    I apologize that I can't provide further assistance.
  • RE: Error -1074000000 occurred at Keithley 2600 Series.lvlib:Error Query.vi

    The error you report in your post title is the labview error. The reported instrument error is -285 TSP Syntax error.
    This typically indicates that there is an unexpected character or misspelling in the command itself.
    Since I cannot see the block diagram of your Labview program, I am unable to review the commands exactly.
    However, I recommend running each command individually to determine the source of the error and reference that against the command in the manual.
  • RE: Why can't I measure current on my 7700 and 7702 card?

    Only CH 21 & 22 can switch/measure current directly.
    On the other, differential channels, you would need to measure voltage with a series resistor and MATH function to collect a current reading.
  • Why can't I measure current on my 7700 and 7702 card?

    I'm using a 7700 and 7702 switch card in my DAQ6510. I am trying to do switched current measurements on channels 1-10 and can't select current.
  • RE: KickStart trial corrupted and lost with change to PC clock

    The Host ID used in the KickStart installation is tied directly to the PC clock and boot drive.
    For this reason, any changes made to the clock or reformatting of your primary harddrive will cause the software to detect 'tampering' and the trial will be cancelled.
    There is no way to reinstitute a trial on the original PC and a license purchase would be required.