• RE: License File Not Working for KickStart

    I apologize for the delay in response on your post.
    This will require further investigation on an individual basis, which would be better handled with a support case here: 

    However, there may have been a malfunction when the license installed.
    Our support team should be able to help you more effectively in resetting the license and Host ID of your installation.
  • RE: DAQ module card for over 300V?

    DAQ6510, unfortunately, doesn't have any cards that support higher than 300V.
    However, Model 3706A does use the Model 3760 multiplexer card to switch up to 500V maximum per channel.
    This mainframe can support up to 6 cards, so you can select other models in the 37xx series to connect to your other 40 low voltage devices.
  • RE: Change License Managers/Users in TekAMS

    You can also find a video on the Home page of TekAMS for adding Users/Managers:
  • RE: Change License Managers/Users in TekAMS

    License Managers within an account are able to edit several fields in TekAMS, including invitations to new Users/Managers.
    If you are classified as a 'License User' in the account, a License Manager within your organization would need to change your status from User to Manager or they would need to send the invitation.
    License Users can check out licenses and interact with the tool under the associated account.
    License Managers can do all of the operations available to Users, but are also afforded additional control over the account and its contents.

    To invite new Users/Managers to the account, you must first log into your organization's TekAMS account with a Manager profile.
    You will then click the drop-down menu next to your Account's name and account ID (#### - Organization/Account Name).
    This should be located to the left of the Help/FAQ link.
    In the menu, click the Settings option.
    On the new window, select the 'User Manager' tab.
    Click the 'Invite New Users' button.
    Type the desired email account (or add CSV list of email addresses) into the field and press the 'Continue to Step 2' button.
    Select the Role for this invitee (License Key User or License Key Manager), press 'Send Invitations' button.

    Your colleague will receive an email inviting them to create a TekAMS account, if they don't already have one, and to join the account as a User or Manager.
  • Change License Managers/Users in TekAMS

    I need to add a colleague to our organization's TekAMS account to access software licenses. How do I do this?
  • RE: 8009 is not functioning with voltage source of model 6517B

    This may be a service issue. If that is the case, please submit a service request here: https://www.tek.com/en/service-quote
    If you believe this could be a connection issue that doesn't require service, please try replicating the steps below using a standard piece of notebook paper. This will tell us more about general functionality of the system:
  • 8009 is not functioning with voltage source of model 6517B

    My 8009 test fixture doesn't seem to operate when connected to the voltage source of my model 6517B.
    Is this an indication that service is required or are there troubleshooting steps available?
  • RE: ExceLinx initialization error

    ExceLinx is obsolete and unsupported software.

    Due to changes in Microsoft Office architecture, macros such as our ExceLinx software became unusable after Office 2010.

    Unfortunately, Keithley has no ability to assist with this software and can only recommend that you develop a new program for instrument control or use our current control software, KickStart:


  • ExceLinx initialization error

    I'm running tests using ExceLinx, an excel macro. The macro shows global initialization error.
    How can I resolve this error?
  • RE: DAS-8 and DAC-02 devices need MS-DOS software

    The division of Keithley Instruments that these products were a part of was sold to Metrabyte several years ago.
    That company acquired all products, software, documentation and support.
    You would need to contact Metrabyte for supporting software related to these products and other similar products in their portfolio.