• RE: Negative values - How to do Factory reset in 2110

    Simply reboot the instrument will apply the factory default settings.
    Also sending *RST command will restore default settings.

    If no errors reported during power on, there are additional self-tests you can run from the menus.  Check the reference manual.

    As for the negative number:  how big and what measure range is in use?  By how much does it exceed allowed error for the range?  Is best to have no test leads when checking the current measure offset error (open ckt).

    If the error is just a little past expected values for the specifications, calibration might fix it up for you.
    But if the error is very large, it may indicate a malfunction of some sort and require service.
  • RE: Van der Pauw using a SMU 2604B

    With only two SMU channels, you will have to move cables for each step of the VDP measurement.
    But for each step, one SMU forces current and other SMU forces 0A and measures V.

    Is easier if you have 4 SMU channels, one for each contact point in the VDP test structure.
    As needed for each step, each SMU can be current source, LO return or voltage measure, so no need to move cables.
  • RE: Kickstart 2.11 can't connect to Keithley 2401

    KickStart will require a gpib connection to 2401.
    The PC gpib interface should be from Keithley or National Instruments.
    Use the utility software from the gpib interface provider to verify communication with 2401.
    If works, then KickStart will be able to use it.
  • RE: Control of blackplane relays with 3706A-S

    The +ILK is shorted to -ILK with a physical wire.
    If using one of our 37xx-ST screw terminal accessories, we make this connection for you.
    But if custom wiring to the DBxx mass termination connectors, keep in mind you need to either wire them to a interlock switch or jumper them if you want to close backplane relays on the 37xx card.

    For just closing channels, either send a list of channels to be closed, or create a pattern and close/open by pattern name.
    -- some TSP commands for channel closure
  • RE: WLR(NBTI, TDDB) test program of ACS running on 4200A

    ACS inston a 4200A-SCS that contains 4225-PMU with 4225-RPM will have access to the NBTI library/Project.

    The optional WLR library of ACS is targeted for the 2600A or 2600B SourceMeter products.

    For HCI and TDDB using 4200 SMU, did you explore the Stress/Measure Cycling of the Clarius software?
  • RE: High scan rate resistance measurement using Keithley 2010 multimeter ( I do have a 7002 too)

    It might be fast enough, but will be close.

    You most likely will need settings on the DMM to speed it up like fixed measure range, small NPLC, etc.

    Given the duration and number of readings, you will need computer to manage a loop of measure and transfer the readings for the 3 hours.

    Check out example in appendix B of 2010 manual on the scan card usage.

    For the three hour task, I advise you setup a scan list of your 5 channels.  This will have lowest overhead/time needed to switch+measure.
    Have your PC side software loop:  init the scan, bring 5 readings, store to HDD, pause if loop rate needs it, repeat.

  • RE: No remote readout when avering DMM7510

    I ported the commands into a small Python program and timed how long the 100 point repeating average at 10 NPLC requires to return the one value.  Using 60Hz power, it is requiring about 53 seconds.

    Even the small Python sample needs the VISA timeout set to long duration to account for the 53 seconds to respond.

    The web interface for Send Commands is evidently not waiting long enough for the response to the :READ?
    You could try sending command to read the defbuffer1 contents after you know the reading is available if important to read it in the web interface.
    Command:  :TRAC:DATA? 1, 1, "defbuffer1", READ

  • RE: How to measure Varistor Alpha with 2470?

    check out the display.text commands
    There are two lines available to you.

    elapsedTime = some computed value
    display.settext(display.TEXT1, "Test pass")
    display.settext(display.TEXT2, string.format("Time elapsed: %.0f sec" , elapsedTime))
  • RE: Is there a way to call .tsp script function from C#?

    If using the IVI driver, it has the driver.System.DirectIO.WriteString() for sending commands directly to the instrument.

    Using the loadscript/endscript constructs, you can load your functions into runtime memory of instrument.
    Of course you can read the tsp file line by line and write the line to the instrument to load functions defined in TSP file that you write/validate in Test Script Builder.
                  // load a very simple script that defines a funtion that has two parameters
                    myInstr.WriteString("loadscript mysciptname");
                    myInstr.WriteString("function myfunction(freq, duration)");
                    myInstr.WriteString("beeper.beep(duration, freq)");
                    myInstr.WriteString("mysciptname.run()");   // run the script
                    // now call the loaded function to cause 1 second 1200Hz tone from 26xx
                    myInstr.WriteString("myfunction(1200, 1)");
                    //myInstr.WriteString("myfunction(800, 5)");
  • RE: High scan rate resistance measurement using Keithley 2010 multimeter ( I do have a 7002 too)

    How long of duration do you need the monitoring?  Think of it in terms of how many samples at your 10Hz reading rate.

    Any meter will have a finite reading buffer and so time to xfer data needs accounted for unless your data set can fit in the memory.  In 2010 data sheet and speed, those speeds are for finite number of readings into the buffer.  Then stop measuring and xfer the data to PC.

    The 7002 switch frame is obsolete as are the 7xxx cards used in it.  Unless you already have a suitable switch card, used market is only choice.

    Rather than interface the 2010 to a new switch, take a look at DAQ6510 with a 7710 switch card.  That card has fast switching and can support your desired scan rates of 5 channels.  The KickStart data logger app does good job on this if also needing some data logging software.