• RE: Lua version for Test Script Builder (TSB)

    Thanks - I wasn't trying to install anything, I was trying to use some Lua code that uses the ... notation for a variable number of arguments. They Keithley didn't like that, so I'm guessing that must be one of the restrictions in place on the Keithley. 


    >If you're doing something more complex,

    The problem is that the tsp script I inherited was over 10K lines long. Add to that going from a single to dual SMU unit and going from 3 tspnet nodes to 0, there were a lot of script edits just due to hardware changes. I've got the line count down to a more manageable 4K or so now. 

    Thanks for the help -
  • Lua version for Test Script Builder (TSB)

    Can anyone offer any guidance on what version of Lua I should work with on my PC that will successfully install on a 2612B? I tried using a state machine library that used the Lua argument syntax of ... - The Keithley unit didn't seem to like that. Not sure if Lua 3 or 4 or 5 is the right version to use as a test bed. 

    Hoping my client can get me a Keithley to bring home and test with. I feel like I'm flying blind trying to work on these scripts from the office. 

    If anyone had a Lua class laying around that mirrored the available commands for the 2600 series, that'd probably help. I haven't seen anything like that in my internet travels.