Posted Fri, 26 May 2023 12:52:10 GMT by Trombetta, Simone
Good morning,<br> <br> i'm trying to connect my old DMM 2010 via RS-232 and usb adapater (its driver is installed and working fine) to my pc with Windows 11 and kickstart program.<br> The software does see the DMM but:<br> 1) the DMM prompts the error &quot;FL +803&quot;<br> 2) the software crashes while asking it to execute the application for DMMs.<br> <br> Can you please help me to solve this issue?
Posted Fri, 26 May 2023 13:21:42 GMT by McKinney, Ty
Hello,<br> The root of the error you are experiencing is becasue KickStart does not accept RS-232 communication of any kind -regardless of the adaptors you are using.<br> The good news is all you will need to do to resolve this issue is to utilize the IEEE-488 (GPIB) port with a GPIB cable to connect your 2010 to your PC.<br> KickStart accepts GPIB, LAN, and USB instrument communication interfaces.<br> <br> Hope this helps!<br> <br> Best,
Posted Fri, 26 May 2023 13:47:56 GMT by Trombetta, Simone
Hello! thank you for your answer.<br> <br> I also have an old PCI card with IEEE-488 port. Is there any way I can connect this card to a modern PC with newer PCI slots?

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