• RE: Precise measurement <1ms with the data logger (Keithley 2701)

    Hi Lorenz,
    .002 NPLC (or RATE as you'd find in the manual) is the lowest value you can set for NPLC with this unit. If you type in "0.0002" as you claim you did above, KickStart will autocorrect to the lowest possible NPLC value of 0.002.
    If you are wanting to scan as quickly as possible through KickStart, you can set the time between scans to 0 seconds and turn autozero OFF (uncheck box next to Autozero) when you are configuring your scan and channels. This will be the fastest possible scanning time available. Depending on hardware and firmware overhead, you should be able to get to around 1-2 ms. between scans. This rapid-fire operation will sacrifice accuracy for speed though, just a fair warning.
  • RE: How to resolve 3706AS error code -286

    The source of your error may be due to the fact that your instrument does not have a DMM. The VI you are using must require a DMM to operate properly.
  • RE: Alternating Polarity Resistance/Resistivity Test of 6517B

    Hello,&#160;<br> <span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">The calculation for Icalc is detailed in this white paper: <a href="https://download.tek.com/document/Improving_Repeat_WP.pdf" style="color:#0563c1;text-decoration:underline;">https://download.tek.com/document/Improving_Repeat_WP.pdf</a>. It uses second order binomial coefficients for 4 measurements so 1(I1) + 3(I2) + 3(I3) + 1(I4) all divided by 8. And the polarities of the current measurements are made to be all positive. </span></span><br> <span style="font-size:11pt;"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif;">The predischarge time is the time that 0V is applied to the sample before measuring to allow charges to dissipate.<br> The bias time is the time that the source voltage is applied before the measurement is taken, which would be for settling purposes.<br> The measurement time is the speed of the measurement aka NPLC. So say you have 10s predischarge, 60s bias and 1 NPLC, the sample would have 0 V for 10 s, then the source voltage for 60s then the source voltage would continue to be applied while the box takes 1 measurement at 1 NPLC- so 16.67 ms. </span></span>
  • RE: DMM6500 Keeps throwing up error 1130 if installed apps are used.

    Hello David,<br> Please visit the link below and update the apps that are throwing errors for you to v2. I believe the source of the errors you are seeing are due to the v1 installs.<br> <a href="https://www.tek.com/en/keithley/tsp-applications-for-touch-test-invent-models">TSP Applications for Keithley Touch Test Invent® Models: How to Download and Run | Tektronix</a><br> <br> Let us know if this improves things for you!
  • RE: 156104

    Can you provide more details?
  • RE: DMM6500 Keeps throwing up error 1130 if installed apps are used.

    Hello David,<br> Which app specifically are you using when this error 1130 shows up?
  • RE: 2010 RS-232 +803 error

    Hello,<br> The root of the error you are experiencing is becasue KickStart does not accept RS-232 communication of any kind -regardless of the adaptors you are using.<br> The good news is all you will need to do to resolve this issue is to utilize the IEEE-488 (GPIB) port with a GPIB cable to connect your 2010 to your PC.<br> KickStart accepts GPIB, LAN, and USB instrument communication interfaces.<br> <br> Hope this helps!<br> <br> Best,
  • RE: DMM7510 firmware update not working

    Hello,<br> USB recommendations are FAT32 configuration, 16GB or less for optimal performance.<br> Additionally, if you are upgrading from a firmware version earlier than 1.7.10, use the<strong> Downgrade to older</strong> option from the front panel or use the downgrade remote commands. When upgrading from a firmware version earlier than 1.7.10, system messages will display the firmware version as 1.7.1. This is a cosmetic issue and does not affect instrument performance.<br> I would recommend retrying this procedure with the smaller USB stick, ensure it is in FAT32 formatting, and use the firmware version 1.7.12 provided below as this is the most current firmware version for the DMM7510.<br> Follow the instructions starting on page 3 in the release notes found at the same link.<br> <br> <a href="https://www.tek.com/en/support/software/firmware/model-dmm7510-firmware-revision-1712-and-release-notes">Model DMM7510 Firmware Revision 1.7.12 and Release Notes | Tektronix</a><br> <br> Please let me know if this resolves your issue!<br> &#160;
  • RE: KXCI was hang during send command from application

    Hello,<br> This requires a direct correspondence with one of our engineers. Please create a case with us and one of our engineers will contact you directly. Follow the link below to get started on your support ticket:<br> <br> <a href="https://www.tek.com/en/support/contact-technical-support">Contact Tektronix Technical Support | Tektronix</a><br> <br> Thanks!
  • RE: Resistivity below zero

    <p>Hello,</p> <p>What instrument model number and accessories are you using? What settings do you have enabled for your test? What range are you using for measurements and what is your expected value(s)?</p>