Posted Fri, 30 Sep 2022 19:45:26 GMT by User, Forum

I have part PM6685, which is now discontinued.

The original part was made by Fluke Corporation, and they suggested TEKTRONIX FCA3000 as an alternate.

Are you able to review these parts and let me know if this is a good replacement part?

Posted Fri, 30 Sep 2022 19:50:27 GMT by Expert, Tektronix Applications

You asked if the FCA3000 is a good replacement for the Fluke PM6685. I compared the specifications of the PM6685 to the FCA3000. Most specifications (Range, frequency resolution, time resolution, voltage resolution, etc.) of the FCA3000/3100 units are better than the PM6685, so the FCA3000/3100 could be a great option.

However, the PM6685 does have a battery option for field use. The FCA3000/3100 do not have a battery option, and these units require a power source (outlet).

The FCA3000/3100 has a few different models. These have an varying input range of 300MHz to 20GHz. The different models and specification can be reviewed at the FCA3000/3100 product page. I have linked this below.
FCA3000/3100 product page:

Let me know if you have any questions about the FCA3000/31000. If you are interested in purchasing or receiving a quote for one of the frequency counters/analyzers, feel free to contact our sales team at 1 800 833 9200.

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