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We have a Keithley Electrometer model 6514 that we had a one time momentary event 2 weeks ago. The output appeared to decrease by about 80% for a brief period, maybe 1 minute or so. It hasn’t happened again. We’ve tried to reproduce the problem but so far we haven’t been able to do it.

We would like to have someone do a thorough checkout of the electrometer. We have a local Calibration Shop in Raleigh l, NC but we need and want more. We are looking for QA check of the instrument if this is something we can have done We have a current source we use daily to inject test currents to check the calibration and it checks out good. We would just like someone to do a more thorough check. If it can be opened up and verify voltages and components inside the instrument to verify it passes QA.

Is this something Keithley Support can offer and do to help us? If you can, we would need a quote with an explanation / scope of the service you can perform. Do we need Tektronix Support to help us? If you have questions, please call me.

We would also need to expedite the service because we need the instrument when we operate the reactor above 50% power. We understand this would require an expedite fee.

Thank you,
Kerry Kincaid
NC State University
PULSTAR Nuclear Reactor
Control Room- 919-515-3240
Cell - 919-606-7680

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Please contact Tektronix service team directly. Below you can find the contact Ask about insurance against accidents as well if you want to protect your instruments.
Tektronix/Keithley Repair/Calibration:
Calibration services for all other products:

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