I am building a test bench in which a Keithley 6517A electrometer is to be used for automated resistance testing. The electrometer is controlled via the RS-232 interface. There is already a setup stored in the meter and the previous control via


:ZCHeck 1

:TSEQuence:TSOurce IMMediate


(wait for 120seconds as buffer size is set to 4 readings)


is working.

Now i want update the automation to measure 120 seconds but get continous readings e.g. every 1 second -> 120 measurement points. The voltage applied to the device under test should not be switched off between the measurement points.

I already tried it via the trigger subsystem, :INIT:CONT 1, Trigger source for measurement layer timer and more but i dont know how to start the measurement. I tried :TSEQuence:ARM and *TRG but the measurement is not started.

I guess that the commands are listed in the manual in the order they have to be sent to the measurement device?

Currently my call is as follows:

:INITiate:CONTinous 1

:TRIGger:SEQuence:COUNt 120

:TRIGger:SEQuence:SOURce TIMer

:TRIGger:SEQuence:TIMer 1

:ARM:SEQuence1:LAYer1:SOURce IMMediate

:ARM:SEQuence1:LAYer2:SOURce IMMediate


do I have to use the signal commands to configure the trigger? I am not sure if I understand these commands (3.24.9 TCONfigure commands) correctly and how to use them.

I am really grateful for any help

Thanks in advance