Posted Mon, 12 Feb 2024 21:25:50 GMT by Stewart, Scott
I am looking for examples of connecting to and reading data from the model 7708 multiplexers in a Keithley model 2700 DMM using RS232.
Posted Wed, 21 Feb 2024 03:31:47 GMT by A, Jake

Model 2700 is an obsolete and unsupported series on instruments, so we don't have a significant number of examples available in our current sources.

The following program example from the User's Manual (pg 7-32) will scan 10 channels (101 through 110):
TRAC:CLE ' Clear buffer.
INIT:CONT OFF ' Disable continuous initiation.
TRIG:SOUR IMM ' Select the immediate control source.
TRIG:COUN 1 ' Set to perform one scan.
SAMP:COUN 10 ' Set to scan 10 channels.
ROUT:SCAN (@101:110) ' Set scan list channels; 101 through 110.
ROUT:SCAN:TSO IMM ' Start scan when enabled and triggered.
ROUT:SCAN:LSEL INT ' Enable scan.
READ? ' Trigger scan and request the readings.
You can use these commands after configuring your function and measurement settings for the channels to perform the desired test.
We also provide drivers that include several subVI's that provide control without custom programming with the commands:

You can also find instructables for getting started programming Keithley equipment in various languages here:
Posted Wed, 21 Feb 2024 11:35:58 GMT by Stewart, Scott

Thank you for your reply, Jake. I looked at the link you sent which is the link I had. It requires a 3rd party type library (VISA COM 5.9) which I don't have. I was hoping for something that did not require a resource that may or may not be available a year from now. 


Posted Wed, 21 Feb 2024 20:00:58 GMT by A, Jake

There is another driver developed with NI for use with LabView:

We don't provide any C# drivers aside from the IVI driver referenced below:

With the 2700 being obsolete and unsupported, our programming support options are limited.

However, drivers are not required to program the instrument. You can develop a program in any language you prefer by writing the SCPI control commands as ASCII strings and performing a read to return any requested data or conditions.

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