Posted Tue, 21 Feb 2023 15:02:40 GMT by A, Jake
How do I transfer a KickStart license from one PC to another?
I have it installed on my lab PC currently, but need to use the license on a different computer.
Posted Tue, 21 Feb 2023 15:04:59 GMT by A, Jake


To remove a license from a KickStart installation, you will need to:

1. open the software

2. click the license manager (key icon)

3. select the license in the list

4. click the Remove License button

5. save the exit key on your PC

You will then want to follow the instructions provided in the 'How to Check In a License' video linked below.

Once the license is checked in, it will be available for use on another PC.

You would then want to install the KickStart software on the new PC, open the license manager in that installation and copy the Host ID at the top of the window.
You can then follow the instructions in the video for 'How to Check Out a Floating License'.

When you've saved your new license file on the new PC, you can install it in KickStart through the license manager window, Install License button.

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