Posted Wed, 06 Sep 2023 21:53:22 GMT by gerson, rick

A 2400 *early* C03 A02  unit that has never been FW updated .

1) What is the highest FW update that can be attained with this unit:
S/N 0626959  C03  ( May 10 1996 ) SCPI ver 1995.0  VFD A02

are intermediate Cxx flashes required ( C03 > C06 > C10 > C12 > C17 > C20 > Cxx ? > C30 ?? ) in a stepwise fashion ?
Are different Firmware Flash Programs's required ...  & if so which ones, per sequence ?

2) Are there Field Mods , updates, corrections that can be done to the PCB to upgrade it to a higher FW version ?
-- wire mods ?
-- component additions, deletions or changes with the existing PCB ?
--  Lists of Instrument Changes, details, etc...

thank you,

Posted Thu, 07 Sep 2023 19:39:06 GMT by A, Jake

The C-revision hardware will support all and any C firmware version.
All of the latest 2400 firmware can be found here:
The latest and recommended version for C-hardware is version C34:
You can review the release notes document on this download page to find that recalibration and requalification are not necessary when upgrading from any C-revision firmware.
Additional information related to each upgrade version and details on the features and bug fixes can be found throughout the document.
Intermediate upgrades should not be necessary. According to the release notes, any C-version can be upgraded to any later C version.
You would need to use the FlashWizard software to install the firmware.

Hardware/Board changes would require service.
There is no 'field installable' upgrade to move, for example, a C-version unit to a D-version unit.
Fixes and upgrades can be seen in the D-version firmware available on

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