Posted Thu, 13 Apr 2023 09:46:58 GMT by Humer, Markus
Hello,<br> <br> I recently got a new and shiny SMU 2450 and would like it to trigger 2 different DAQ6510 when the source is turned on.<br> I was wondering what would be the most elegant and stable method to achieve this? <ul> <li>I am communicating with all devices vis USB, so USB is not an option (because this goes to the PC)</li> <li>It seems, DAQ6510's LAN port is turned off when USB is connected, so this can not be used as a &quot;trigger in&quot; simultaneously?</li> <li>DAQ6510 is without any accessory cards, so I understand TSP Link is not an option?</li> <li>I could solder together a cable from the &quot;Digital-IO&quot; Port of 2450 to &quot;Ext Trigger IN&quot; of 6510 surely, but I was hoping this could be achieved without &quot;custom&quot; wires and cables.</li> <li>Should I get the accessory&#160;card KTTI-TSP or is this unneccessary in my case?</li> </ul> <br> Sorry for the rather unspecific question,<br> Thank you very much,<br> beste regards,<br> Markus<br> <br> <br> <br> &#160;
Posted Thu, 13 Apr 2023 14:57:01 GMT by A, Jake
You are correct that if you are using a communication port (USB) to use software, you will not be able to use the LAN port for triggering.<br> The best method for triggering, in this case, would be to purchase the TSP-LINK accessory and use either TSP-LINK or the Digital I/O.<br> If this isn't available, you could use a Digital I/O line from your 2450 to send a trigger to signal.<br> I have not tried this operation, however, so there may be some nuances to ensuring a spliced cable will send the appropriate signal to the trigger input.<br> Ultimately, I would recommend purchasing the accessory for the most straight forward method of triggering.
Posted Fri, 14 Apr 2023 05:41:47 GMT by Humer, Markus
Thank You very much for the fast response.<br> After reading a bit about TSP-Link, I think it makes sense to get the accessory.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> best regards,<br> Markus
Posted Tue, 11 Jul 2023 01:14:21 GMT by Rive, Jorge
I have a similar need.  I am using a DAQ6500 to monitor a thermocouple,  and it is triggered by an SMU measuring leakage current.  The SMU is triggering the DAQ6500 via digital IO into the  the external trigger input on the DAQ6500.  The triggering seems to be working, and I can graph the samples in the units.  However, when I look at the reading buffers, they are empty, and therefore I cannot export them to USB for further analysis. 
I can't figure out why the data is not being stored in the buffers even though the data is being sampled and displayed in the graph view.  However, if I don't trigger one unit from the other, the buffers seem to work fine.  Any ideas?     

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