• RE: Saving and exporting multiple waveforms in quick succession

    Hi David.  I don't believe that the DPO2000 series is fast enough to produce waveforms out the remote interface (or even to a local USB drive) at 5 waveforms per second.  This scope will likely produce somewhere between 1-3 per second.  The reason for this has nothing to do with binary versus .csv saving format, but rather that the scope isn't quick enough to perform single sequence acquisitions and then spit out the data via CURVE? query that fast.  You might be able to achieve these rates on the new 2 Series MSO scopes (5/6 Series can definitely do these rates), but the good ol' DPO just doesn't quite have the compute power for it.
  • RE: Is there any plan for TekScope Utility to support 2 series MSO?

    Hi Shinei,

        Support for MSO2 Series was added in Version 1.4.0 in June of 2022.  You can go grab the latest version still from the old Tek Forums here.


    Keep your eyes open though.  A New version is coming that will add support for the digital channels on MSO2.
  • RE: Tekscope Utitlity 1.4.2; Saving data in Excel from the "Data Logger"

    Hi Javier,

        This is usually caused by your Windows language setting being set to a region that uses a comma character to represent the decimal.  That said, I pretty sure I had made a changes to ignore this setting and always use a period for the decimal years ago.  You are definitely using version 1.4.2 right?  I'll dig into the code and see what is going on.  In the meantime, try changing the language/region on the PC you are using to en-US or en-GB.
  • RE: TBS2104B Scope : SCPI command to read is fetching partial data

    Use the version of the Read() method where you specify the maximum number of bytes to read and set it to a large value.
    byte[] Read(
    	long count
    By default the Visa.Net library uses a buffer of 1M, but that isn't large enough for your file so you are only getting 1M of it.

    Another option would be to make multiple reads until you perform a read that returns fewer bytes than you set count to.  You could use the following version of the Read() method and set the parameters so that the data keeps getting put into the same byte array.
    void Read(
    	byte[] buffer,
    	long index,
    	long count,
    	out long actualCount,
    	out ReadStatus readStatus
    Easiest thing to do though, just set the count to value larger than the size of the file being transferred.
  • RE: Tekscope Utility) Error "Index was outside the bounds of the array"

    Hi.  Yes, I have seen this error come it.  It seemed like something changed in a firmware version that induced this, but then the issue seems to have sub-sided since then, perhaps another firmware update that changed it back.  That said, there is a beta version of TekScope Utility ( that works around this change in firmware behavior.  I have attached a copy.