• RE: Code Examples for reading data from DMM 2700

    There is another driver developed with NI for use with LabView:


    We don't provide any C# drivers aside from the IVI driver referenced below:


    With the 2700 being obsolete and unsupported, our programming support options are limited.

    However, drivers are not required to program the instrument. You can develop a program in any language you prefer by writing the SCPI control commands as ASCII strings and performing a read to return any requested data or conditions.

  • RE: Code Examples for reading data from DMM 2700


    Model 2700 is an obsolete and unsupported series on instruments, so we don't have a significant number of examples available in our current sources.

    The following program example from the User's Manual (pg 7-32) will scan 10 channels (101 through 110):
    TRAC:CLE ' Clear buffer.
    INIT:CONT OFF ' Disable continuous initiation.
    TRIG:SOUR IMM ' Select the immediate control source.
    TRIG:COUN 1 ' Set to perform one scan.
    SAMP:COUN 10 ' Set to scan 10 channels.
    ROUT:SCAN (@101:110) ' Set scan list channels; 101 through 110.
    ROUT:SCAN:TSO IMM ' Start scan when enabled and triggered.
    ROUT:SCAN:LSEL INT ' Enable scan.
    READ? ' Trigger scan and request the readings.

    You can use these commands after configuring your function and measurement settings for the channels to perform the desired test.
    We also provide drivers that include several subVI's that provide control without custom programming with the commands:

    You can also find instructables for getting started programming Keithley equipment in various languages here:
  • RE: ExceLinx initialization error

    You are correct. The ExceLinx macro is not functional with new Microsoft Office platforms, so we are unable to support any examples or troubleshooting.
    I apologize for any inconvenience.
  • RE: *early* 2400 SMU in need of FW & field updates to PCB: C03 1996 SCPI ver 1995.0 VFD A02


    The C-revision hardware will support all and any C firmware version.
    All of the latest 2400 firmware can be found here:
    The latest and recommended version for C-hardware is version C34:
    You can review the release notes document on this download page to find that recalibration and requalification are not necessary when upgrading from any C-revision firmware.
    Additional information related to each upgrade version and details on the features and bug fixes can be found throughout the document.
    Intermediate upgrades should not be necessary. According to the release notes, any C-version can be upgraded to any later C version.
    You would need to use the FlashWizard software to install the firmware.

    Hardware/Board changes would require service.
    There is no 'field installable' upgrade to move, for example, a C-version unit to a D-version unit.
    Fixes and upgrades can be seen in the D-version firmware available on Tek.com.
  • RE: KI-LINK error messages


    Unfortunately, KI-LINK is an obsolete software that does not function with more current versions of Microsoft office and Operating Systems.
    Microsoft removed macro functionality of this type in Office versions later than Excel 2010 and Windows versions newer than WIN 7.
    I can only recommend that you use a newer software, such as our KickStart software:
    Otherwise, you would need to create a custom program to control your instrument.
    I apologize for any inconvenience.
  • RE: DMM 2010 Excel VBA

    Unfortunately, Keithley Instruments hasn't created any Excel macro examples for our instruments.
    The closest software we used to offer was ExceLinx, but this is obsolete and unsupported due to lack of support for these add-ins in current versions of Excel.
    You can find other examples on our GitHub that may be helpful, though:
  • RE: 1142 error-

    Hello,<br> <br> I apologize, but we are unable to verify the previous poster's unit and related information without the serial number of the unit associated with that post.<br> Additionally, Tektronix is unable to share purchase and identifying information related to other customers without their consent.<br> <br> If you believe you were sold a product in error by a third party (i.e. via ebay), you would need to return the product to that individual or discuss proper action to address your concerns with that individual.<br> <br> I understand that you have returned the instrument to the seller. If you purchase a used or new item via an independent seller, rather than direct through Tektronix or through a licenses distributor, we cannot guarantee the functionality or validity of such sales/product and can only recommend the instrument be evaluated by our Service Center to address any operational concerns/malfunction.<br> <br> I apologize that we cannot provide more assistance related to this issue.
  • RE: Triggering DAQ6510 from SMU2450

    You are correct that if you are using a communication port (USB) to use software, you will not be able to use the LAN port for triggering.<br> The best method for triggering, in this case, would be to purchase the TSP-LINK accessory and use either TSP-LINK or the Digital I/O.<br> If this isn't available, you could use a Digital I/O line from your 2450 to send a trigger to signal.<br> I have not tried this operation, however, so there may be some nuances to ensuring a spliced cable will send the appropriate signal to the trigger input.<br> Ultimately, I would recommend purchasing the accessory for the most straight forward method of triggering.
  • RE: How do I transfer a KickStart license from one PC to another?


    To remove a license from a KickStart installation, you will need to:

    1. open the software

    2. click the license manager (key icon)

    3. select the license in the list

    4. click the Remove License button

    5. save the exit key on your PC

    You will then want to follow the instructions provided in the 'How to Check In a License' video linked below.


    Once the license is checked in, it will be available for use on another PC.

    You would then want to install the KickStart software on the new PC, open the license manager in that installation and copy the Host ID at the top of the window.
    You can then follow the instructions in the video for 'How to Check Out a Floating License'.

    When you've saved your new license file on the new PC, you can install it in KickStart through the license manager window, Install License button.

  • How do I transfer a KickStart license from one PC to another?

    How do I transfer a KickStart license from one PC to another?
    I have it installed on my lab PC currently, but need to use the license on a different computer.