• DSA8300 and 80C15 Dark-level compensation

    I have a DSA8300 and 80C15 optical sampler. What is the recommended interval between running the Compensation procedure (Dark-level compensation) on this instrument? The manuals only seem to say that it should be done "frequently" (Quick-start manual pg 26), and that it should be done "before" doing various amplitude measurements (Printable Application Reference, pg 260 & others). I don't see any specification of the recommended interval in the Performance Verification manual. To convince my production team to do this measurement regularly (instead of just when test failures occur), it would be very helpful to have a specific, quantitative, recommendation for the frequency of doing the compensation rather than vague qualitative recommendations. What is the recommendation (measured in minutes, hours, or days) from Tek for the maximum interval between doing the dark level compensation on this instrument?

  • When should I recalibrate my 3022C scope

    What is the recommended timeframe for recalibration of the 3022C?

  • Help with 5 Series MSO Specs

    I'm considering purchasing a 5 Series MSO but wanted to check on record length, sample rate and memory.

  • Help choosing an AFG

    I need to generate a waveform that lasts up to 120 seonds in a single priod with a resolution as low as 0.1 seconds. Can anyone recommend an AFG?

  • Recharging the P6015 Probe

    I read in the user manual that the P6015 can be recharged using a "liquid". Is this still available?

  • Recall of TDS3BTB

    Hi, I own a TDS3BATB which has been recalled. What is the process to get it replaced?

  • Rear USB communication on the TDS2012C

    Can I use the rear USB port on the TDS2012C oscilloscope to download signals directly to my PC? Is there a software utility that I can download to use for this purpose?

    I have downloaded/installed TEKVISA but I can't seem to make sense of it.

  • Upgrade 2260B power supply

    We have started some testing with the Keithley 2260B 80V series power supply, and have realized that we need to upgrade. For specifics, we currently are using the 720W rated power supply for a setup at 48V, but have encountered issues of tripping the OCP of the unit. The average power draw we have been recording is 480W or 10A draw, but I assume we must be hitting fluctuation spikes that have exceeded the 15A limit at this voltage. I would be happy for any different opinion or troubleshooting if there is a way of better recording the active draw of the unit.
    1) Are we able to return the units we have to have them exchanged or physically upgraded to 1080W rated units?
    2) Are we just out of luck?

  • MSO72004C Real time clock battery

    How do you change the real time clock battery on the MSO72004C?

  • RSA518A Using USB over Cat5/Cat6 Extender for Computer Connection

    I am interested in using a USB over Cat5/Cat6 extender for connecting from the RSA518 to my computer. This would enable me to limit the RF cable length for my spectrum measurement collections. I wanted to ask if there are any known issues/bugs/glitches that may occur trying to do this, or if any errors may occur to the data collected. Thank you.