• How to control my 2410 with software?


    I would like to know how to control the device with the software. I basically wants to avoid pressing buttons on the device and would like to control it with the software if any present. Please let me know.

  • How many current probes can i run with my TBS2204B?

    In the past we have had some issues running multiple current probes with our MSO scope. For the TBS2204B is there a limit on how many current probes we can run at once?
    We currently have a TCP0020 and TCP0030A probe, what if we use 4 of these at once?

  • MDO3024 How Do I Set Up a RS-485 Bus Decode

    I would like to be able to setup a RS-485 bus decode for my oscilloscope. I see videos online for setting up the decode functionality for RS-232, but for my application I need to be able todo so for 485. I would like to know both the physical connection setup needed to hook up the oscilloscope to read properly, and the steps necessary to configure bus decode on the device.

  • TBP1000, how to get a one shot picture

    My circuit pulses once every second. that is one pulse that is -0.000005 seconds long. one pulse only every second .... the rest of the time is nothing ... I need to capture a picture of this pulse. I have been using tektronix with all different models to teach. The "BRAND NEW" I just received is hiding the secret on how I can look at this single pulse.

  • Measurement Limit Help

    Hello, I am looking to figure out the baudrate of a serial line using an MS054, but can't figure out how to set more than one limit on measurements (ex, I want to measure only the first rise and fall on a signal) and I can only set one limit (searching for requirements).

  • KickStart connect to 2450 SMU?

    I'm having an issue with getting a SMU 2450 to connect to KickStart. I am connected via ethernet, which is visible on the PC, but for some reason, KickStart does not recognize the device. I am running Windows 10 with a KickStart CD (Version 1.1), so not sure if that's the issue. Please contact me about KickStart options if I can not longer use CD

  • GPIB Commands?

    What GPIB Commands are available for TBS2000?

  • Government regulation message

    I am experiencing issues while downloading firmware for an MSO44. Last week I received the government regulation message while downloading and the message is still showing up a week later. Tried multiple browsers and platforms, and all of them are giving him the same message. What can I do to change this?

    Please reach out regarding this.

  • Generating differential sine waves


    I am looking into a possible purchase of the AFG1062 dual-channel function generator. Is it possible to produce on Channel 2 an inverted copy of Channel 1, to make a differential sine-wave drive up to 60 MHz?

  • Fuse for a DMM4050

    I'm trying to purchase a fuse for the DMM4050. Here is the Fuse Line # 159-0063-00 from the manual.
    I wanted to make sure it is the correct one that should be purchased & if not, please tell me which is correct.
    Please & Thank You