• Replacement battery for THS720P

    Where can I find a replacement battery for the THS720P? The model is discontinued. If there isn't a battery or AC adapter available, what is next step on how to fix the issue.

  • Replacement for Keithley 263

    I need to find a replacement for a Keithley 263 which is obsolete. Recommendations?

  • Replacement for Probe P6122

    I want to replace a Probe P6122 that will work with an old discontinued Unit 2235.

  • Repairing a DMM6500

    Power indicating LED is green or amber when power switch button is depressed.

    Display is blank and none of the switches have any effect. There is no activity in the meter. Any suggestions on how to fix this or should we send it in for repair?

  • Repair of TIVH05

    We have an IsoVu TIVH05 probe. The SQPIN attachment for this probe seems to have a loose connection in its wire. I would like to receive a quote to repair/replace this part.

  • Calibration of 6514

    We have a Keithley Electrometer model 6514 that we had a one time momentary event 2 weeks ago. The output appeared to decrease by about 80% for a brief period, maybe 1 minute or so. It hasn’t happened again. We’ve tried to reproduce the problem but so far we haven’t been able to do it.

    We would like to have someone do a thorough checkout of the electrometer. We have a local Calibration Shop in Raleigh l, NC but we need and want more. We are looking for QA check of the instrument if this is something we can have done We have a current source we use daily to inject test currents to check the calibration and it checks out good. We would just like someone to do a more thorough check. If it can be opened up and verify voltages and components inside the instrument to verify it passes QA.

    Is this something Keithley Support can offer and do to help us? If you can, we would need a quote with an explanation / scope of the service you can perform. Do we need Tektronix Support to help us? If you have questions, please call me.

    We would also need to expedite the service because we need the instrument when we operate the reactor above 50% power. We understand this would require an expedite fee.

    Thank you,
    Kerry Kincaid
    NC State University
    PULSTAR Nuclear Reactor
    Control Room- 919-515-3240
    Cell - 919-606-7680

  • DPO3014 Damaged from fall

    We recently had a DPO3014 oscilloscope fall off a table in our lab. As a result of the fall the fan broke off of its supports. In attempting to repair the fan using the Tektronix published repair and troubleshooting guide, the fan was temporarily repositioned but the oscilloscope now no longer turns on. When the power button is pressed, the fan tuns on but the screen never does. Where can I send it for repair.

  • MSO2024B Blinking screen

    I think there is a problem with the power supply module of my MSO2024B. The DSO will power up sometimes and sometimes not. When the DSO is powered up, the screen blinks

  • 2602A Not powering on

    My 2602A does not power on except for the fan.

  • Blue light blinking

    My 6221 does not put out curent and the blue light blinks continuously.