• PS281 knob

    Need replacement knob for the PS281.

  • 2602B and Kickstart issue

    I ran into some issues while trying to upgrade Kickstart to 2.7 and above. When trying to download this version, it claims that those who purchase the KICKSTARTFL-BASE version will have to purchase an upgrade. I originally purchased a more expensive version of Kickstart so I don't think I need to update. Do you know why I'm getting this message?

  • 2461, Kickstart crashing

    I'm having trouble trying to manage licenses on the Kickstart app. When clicking on 'Manage License', the software crashes but does not show any error codes or messages. My 2461 is connecting to the software, so it seems to be strictly a software issue. Do you have any ideas as to what may be causing this?

  • 2450 and KickStart APP Pack

    What is the method of implementation on KickStart, Curve Tracer?

  • Issue with Probe TDP7706 and MSO64

    My TDP7706 connects to the MSO64 but, the probe keeps blinking through the mode 4 selections. Do you know what the issue is?

  • TMDP0200 probe compatability with MSO46

    Will the TMDP0200 work with the MSO46?

  • MDO3024 ISF to CSV conversion


    I just tried using "cnvrtwfm -l -8- *.isf" and it converted 2 .isf files and for the rest if just replied "Peak Detect and Envelope Modes are not supported for the DPO 4000"

    What to do?

    Is there any other software that can help me convert these files? Or some forum thread that can help answer my questions? The ability to process these captured waveforms will help me decide on which brand of product to purchase.

    Thank you for all your help.

  • 4200A Instrumentation Cart

    I'm interested in getting an instrumentation cart for my K4200, but I couldn't find one on the website. Do you have one available, or plans to manufacture one in the future? If not, do you have a cart which you recommend that is available through a third-party seller?

  • AFG2021 Input signal in real-time

    How can I input a signal in real-time, modulate the frequency, to then generate an output from the unit? The frequency will be changing over time, similar to music.

  • THDP0200 compatability

    Is the THDP0200 compatible with the TPS2014B? If not, can you recommend a similar option?