• MSO2024B Scope doesn't power on

    My MSO2024B doesn't power on. The screen flashes briefly, then nothing.

  • 4200 Quote for service

    I have a Keithley 4200. The computer appears to have failed. There is only a black screen when powered on. Could you provide a quotation to repair the computer?

  • Repairing a TDS540

    Where can I find schematics for the TDS540 so I can repair my scope?

  • TDS2004B Need a repair

    My TDS2004B needs some repair. When I power it on, it just stays as a blue screen - never progresses to full operation. Where can I ship it for repair?

  • Remote scope issues

    I'm having problems controlling my MSO both through the web browser and the Openchoice desktop application. On the web browser, I'm unable to remotely select the front panel buttons, and on the Openchoice, I cannot locate the device at all. Is there another application I should be using or is there is some troubleshooting I can perform?

  • MDO3034 Remote control via USB interface

    I'm lacking the experience and skills to correctly connect my Lap top/PC to MDO3034. Looking for some help guiding me through the process.

  • Software to control scope

    I'm looking for the software(s) that will let me connect to the scope using my laptop over USB and control the scope.

  • Remote measurement on TDS754 scope

    I'm using a TDS754 scope which I know is obsolete. I'm trying to perform a remote measurement. I need to make a Reverse Recovery Measurement of a diode called TRR. It is essentially a Delay measurement. This measurement will be on one signal on channel one only. I want to set cursor1 at -.05v of the first negative falling edge and set cursor2 at the first positive rising edge of that same signal at -.06v. Then I want to measure the Delay time between those 2 voltage points which I expect to be about 2.5ns. I have attached a waveform. I am using Agilent VEE pro for software. I currently have all the preset-up conditions in my software and I am able to easily set waveform remotely in the center of the scope display with correct timebase, volts/divs, trigger etc. I cannot use one of the standard 8 measurements offered on the front panel as none of these measurements including Delay measurement allow me to make this measurement. Please help?

  • Program recovery

    Please can you help me with recovering a program I erased. The 2 modules in the unit are TECH-SUP6-FL/CMXDBT and TECH-SUP6-FL/CMNBASET. I purchased the MSO64 oscilloscope from Electro Rent.

  • RSA507A Recording raw IQ files

    I'm interested in recording IQ files but the SignalVu software only allows me to record R3F or CDIF formats. Several years ago I recorded .SIQ files on the RSA507A and played them back on a different instrument. I lost the instructions. Can you please send me the instructions for recording IQ files in a non-proprietary format?